CEDYA + CMA 2017
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CEDYA + CMA 2017

Thanks to all for your participation

What is CEDYA + CMA 2017?

The Congress of Differential Equations and Applications (CEDYA) raised from the initiative of some Professors coming from different Applied Mathematics areas. The purpose was to bring together people working in different research areas as Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Control and Optimization. The first edition was celebrated in September 1978 in El Escorial (Madrid), organized by the colleagues of the Universidad Complutense. After this first edition, it has been regulary celebrated every year until 1987. 

Afterwards new topics were included to incorporate the different areas of the Applied Mathematics community. This motivated a natural evolution of the Congress that in 1987 was denominated CONFERENCE ON DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS AND APPLICATIONS / CONFERENCE OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS (CEDYA-CMA). Since 1989 the congress is celebrated each two years.

The main objective of this edition, which will be held in the Region of Murcia for first time, is to serve as a meeting place for all those who carry out their research work in the fields of Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics at all scopes.

The organization of the XXV edition of CEDYA and XV edition of the CMA has been commissioned by SēMA to the Research Group in Dynamical Systems Applied to Engineering, attached to the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and will take place in the city of Cartagena from 26 to 30 June 2017.

The themes of the Congress are (among others) the following: Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Optimization and Control, Numerical Analysis, Scientific and Computational Calculus, Models and Industrial Applications, Approximation Theory, Discrete Mathematics, numerical linear algebra, Dynamical systems, ...

It is expected the participation of 8 international top researchers, the celebration of various monographic sessions and some special sessions, With all of them, we expect to cover the broad spectrum of topics that are researched in Applied Mathematics in Spain.

During the Congress, it will finalize the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of our society (celebration which started in the last Hispano-French School Jacques-Louis Lions on Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering held in Gijón in June 2016).

As additional congressional activity, we will hold a roundtable on the future of our society regarding relationships with companies and on the organization in 2019 ICIAM Congress to be held in Valencia. For more information see ICIAM 2019.

From the Organization we express our commitment to this event that we hope will be remembered as a useful activity for research in Spain. We have worked with all our resources, all our hopes and all our capabilities. We apologize in advance for those mistakes we may commit. Thank you for your participation; we are looking forward to meeting you in Cartagena!

Poster oficial del Congreso CEDYA + CMA 2017


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