CEDYA + CMA 2017
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CEDYA + CMA 2017

Thanks to all for your participation

SS 1. Dynamics in infinite dimension and applications

SS 2. Plane dynamics

SS 3. Conceptual Design of Structures

SS 4. Non Autonomous and Stocastic Dynamical Systems

SS 5. Symmetry groups. Conservation laws  and Applications to PDEs

SS 6. Control for EDPs

SS 7. Mathematical Biology

SS 8. Mathematical Models in the Systems Biology of Cancer

SS 9. Computational Dynamical Systems

SS 10. Dynamical Systems in models of Science

SS 11. The mathematical technology as a key tool for Industry 4.0: a look through success stories

SS 12. Mathematics Applied to Finance

SS 13. Topological Dynamics in Low Dimensional Spaces - SS 25. Topological Structures and their Applications

SS 14. Conditioning and matrix perturbation

SS 15. Efficient tools for solving systems of linear equations

SS 16. Mathematics and Statistics Applications to Economics and Social Sciences

SS 17. Iterative Processes and Non-Linear Equations

SS 18. Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics - SS 22. Earth rotation and related problems: present challenges, methods and solutions

SS 19. Approximation theory and Applications

SS 20. New Trends in Teaching and Learning Applied Mathematics

SS 21. Mathematical Physics

SS 23. Numerical Models in Environmental Problems

SS 24. Discrete and Computational Mathematics

SS 26. Deterministic set-valued dynamics meet robustness and uncertainty

SS 27. Slow-fast dynamics and applications

SS 28. PDEs in Fluid Mechanics

SS 29. PDEs in living systems

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Versión en español