CEDYA + CMA 2017
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CEDYA + CMA 2017

Thanks to all for your participation

Registration information of CEDYA + CMA 2017

Registration Fees

Type of Registration Reduced Fee
(till 31th march 2017 )
Regular Fee
(from 1st april 2017)
 SēMA Member 375€ 425€
General 425€ 475€
Student 225€ 275€
Accompanying 150€ 200€

The payment of the registration fee provides rights to the conference documentation, the attendance to the conference sessions and lunches, the attendace to the conference banquet and the participation in the social activities. 


Student will be a person who demostrate with documents that is enrolled in an master or doctorate course in a superior education institution.

We plan to have a program of fellows for students and young researchers. The fellows consist in free fee and partially or totally free host in some resudences of  UPCT.

Participants who want to ask for a fellow must do it BEFORE 15th JANUARY 2017 from the formulary stated in the user private area where a short CV must be uploaded. The fellow proposal will be solved before 28th de february 2017.

The fellow applicants will wait the resolution on the concession or not of the fellow to pay the registration fee if necessary.


To formalize the inscription it is necessary to register as user  in the private are that the system provides and fullfil the on-line formulary stated there.

The registration fee must be paid via wire transference, credit/debit card or PayPal following the inscrtruction state in the private user are on it.

The registrations will be consider officials when the conference organization has obtained the completed registration formulary ad the fee payment have done. In such moment the system will send an E-MAIL to confirm it and an invoice with the data provide by the participants will be generated too.


The cacellations must be asked by email to the conference organization. 
If the cancellation is obtained before 15th april 2017 a return of the registration fee less 30€ of administrative cost will done. Later cancellations will not be considered.




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