CEDYA + CMA 2017
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CEDYA + CMA 2017

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Facilities of UPCT. Campus Muralla del Mar. Old Naval Hospital

The Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) has different enclaves scattered in the city of Cartagena where the different faculties and schools are sited. Technological Courses taught in Cartagena represent, for its antiquity, pioneers of technological development in Spanish regulated education centers.

In our case, 90% of the development of CEDYA + CMA 2017 will be held in the famous "Campus de la Muralla del Mar" (sited in the Old Naval Hospital).

History of UPCT. Campus Muralla del Mar. Old Naval Hospital

ETSII (Technical School of Industrial Engineering) is located in the historic building of the Old Naval Hospital. This building of 30,000 square meters, is for our school glimpse order to cover much of its needs for classrooms, departmental offices, services and laboratories, which should not be missing in any self-respecting School.

Although a century is a considerable period of time, this is almost nothing in relation to the 250 years of the building where the Congress will take place: the Royal Hospital Antiguones. The Old Naval Hospital is perhaps, along with the Cathedral of Murcia, the most grandiose building in its proportions, construction and originality, we have in our community, so we should be proud of it, enjoy its beauty and contribute monumental building conservation.

The building, of three floors and attic, was built within a series of military works in the stronghold of Cartagena in the eighteenth century (Real Arsenal, Walls, Barracks Antiguones ...), being undoubtedly the most remarkable of all of them, and the result of an ambitious historical project seen from today's perspective (the Hospital was designed to accommodate 4,000 to 9,000 patients). In 1749, the construction began under the direction of D. Sebastián Feringán, finishing them in 1762. Many historical figures are linked to its construction for various reasons (Carlos III, Jorge Juan ...) and its walls have been silent witnesses of many historical events.

Today, the Old Hospital, with its 170 meter façade has three floors, a basement and a penthouse floor (attic). In the basement, there are a total of 15 classrooms (called PS) with a capacity for 1,600 students.

The ground floor consists of two courtyards -Levante and Poniente- both of square geometry, in which a number of classrooms (called PB) and services are located. In the courtyard of Levante, the Directorate of School, the delegation of students, Student Services and University Extension and the Board Room and Classroom Free Access (ALA) for students are sited. In the courtyard of the West, the Department of Academic Management and Computer Rooms are sited. From any of these courtyards, it is possible to access to the cafeteria and the basement.

In the remaining plants, the Departments of the Polytechnic University with teaching at the School are located. In each of the galleries that externally delimit the patios, it is almost always located a departmental headquarters. Faculty offices are located on the inside of the courtyard, light laboratories overlook the outer walls of the hospital. As an end to this brief tour, the central nave of the building hosts a Graduate Hall and Multipurpose Room on the first floor and Hall (main hall) high capacity (2nd floor and attic).

Virtual visit

Through the following link you can access a virtual tour around the campus of the Sea Wall which will take place CEDYA + CMA 2017.

Note: All information, photos and virtual tour of this section has been extracted from the web pages: industriales.upct.es y upct.es


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